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Mineral Water Bottling Plant
Mineral water bottling plants include applications like sealing, filling and labelling pet bottles. These are most commonly utilized for mineral water. Our products provide no spillage performance, high performance efficiency and robust structure. Mineral water bottling plants have magnetic capping heads.
Mineral Water Plant
Mineral water plants are appreciated for drinking purpose. These are designed for removing toxins and contaminants from the water to make it drinkable. Our offerings require low maintenance and consume less power consumption. Mineral water plants are easy to operate and install.
SS RO Plant
SS RO plants are designed for purifying water and make it drinkable & usable for industrial usage. These are used for cleaning and freeing solid particulate from the water. SS RO plants also remove organic and colloidal matter from the water.
Commercial Reverse Osmosis Plant
Commercial reverse osmosis plants eliminate poisonous and hazardous chemicals and other compounds from the water. These are highly efficient in purifying water. Our provided products have a longer service life and robustness. Commercial reverse osmosis plants are easy to install & maintain.
Fully Automatic RO Plant
Fully automatic RO plants are best suitable for industrial applications. These are made from high grade stainless steel. Our products are known for automatic functions which eases up the application. Fully automatic RO plants are applicable for wastewater treatment, desalination etc.
Water Softening Plant
Water softening plants are designed for the production of treated water. These are helpful in making the water suitable for several applications. Our products exchange sodium ion with hardness forming magnesium ions and calcium. Water softening plants are appreciated for longer service life.
Demineralized Water Plant
Demineralized water plants find their applications in rinsing water for the food & beverage industries, feeding water for high pressure boilers etc. These are also utilized for processing streams in electronic manufacturing process. Demineralized water plants are found in applications which require high level water purity. 
Water Chiller
Water chillers lower water temperature and use refrigerant for cooling water. These are eminent in transferring the waste heat into atmosphere. Our offerings have a closed loop system. Water chillers possess a longer functional life, high performance efficiency and robustness.
Industrial RO Equipment
Industrial RO equipments can be found in food & beverages, water & wastewater, chemical, energy, power, mining and several other applications. The said products are used for mixing scale inhibitors, flocculants and disinfectants. Industrial RO equipments also find their usage in the adjustment of water pH levels.
Water Cooler
Water coolers are used for dispensing cold water. These are integrated with a refrigeration unit. Our offered products are made up of top-grade stainless steel and modern technology. Water coolers are easy to reach, use as well as install and maintain.
Domestic RO System
Domestic RO systems are utilized for improving the quality of water. These products are designed for making the water capable of cooking and drinking. Our offerings are attributed with durability, high efficiency, easy installation, low maintenance etc. Domestic RO systems trap particles like calcium carbonate, rust etc.
UV Water Purifier
UV water purifiers are efficient enough to kill harmful bacteria and purifying water. Our products have ultraviolet rays that are helpful in killing germs. UV water purifiers do not affect the taste of water while removing the microbes.

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